November 18th

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18th November 2017
  • Hearspool 23: Walkaway - Momus

    18th November 2017 @ 12:00 am - 1:00 am

    programme/artist information

    During 2013 Momus created a series of radiophonic programmes for Newcastle radio station BasicFM entitled Hearspool. Mesmeric, evocative, and made in the tradition of German neue hoerspiel.

    Momus is a Scot who makes songs, books and art. He lives between Europe and Japan.


  • Precipitation Studies

    18th November 2017 @ 1:00 am - 8:00 am

    programme/artist information

    A series of rainscapes originally created for a rain pavillion designed by the artists Dalziel & Scullion for the Kaust University Campus in Saudi Arabia. All sounds recorded and composed by Mark Vernon.

    Rain has a unique ability to sound out and describe the surfaces in our immediate surroundings, making us newly aware of the timbre, dimensions and other sonic qualities of all things in our vicinity. Rainfall on pots and pans, tubs and tins, car bonnets and cafe tables, park benches and rubbish bins, drainpipes and scaffolding, umbrellas and window panes, conservatories and caravans, pavements and microphones…

    “I opened the front door, and rain was falling. I stood for a few minutes. Lost in the beauty of it. Rain has a way of bringing out the contours of everything; it throws a coloured blanket over previously invisible things; instead of an intermittent and thus fragmented world, the steadily falling rain creates continuity of acoustic experience.”

    (from: John M. Hull, Touching the Rock. An Experience of Blindness, Arrow books, London, 1991, pp.22-23)


  • Shorts 17

    18th November 2017 @ 8:00 am - 9:00 am

    programme/artist information

    1. The Doll – Triple G v2: Kinder Surprise Maracas
    2. gobscure – depthcharred
    3. Vincent Eoppolo – Internal Conflict
    4. Martin Heslop and Helen Tookey – Beautiful Error
    5. Paco Dvoi – It’s a Trial
    6. Nastassja Simensky – rocks are for throwing
    7. Vincent Eoppolo – The View From The Balcony
    8. Jaxton Su Jingxiang – Dreamscape: wedding crash
    9. S van der Linden – An Economy Of Narcissistic Reward

    1. The Doll – Triple G v2 – Kinder Surprise Maracas

    The Doll has been making hideous solo sounds since 2005. Her no-fi aesthetic is a hit with toddlers. The Doll also has a sideline in field recording, diapercore & household appliances.
    She has recently been playing in Seattle noise improv bands TBA & PUNTERS and Auckland bands Septithe & Unknown Tofu. Her US/Aotearoa collective project, Contact Mike, has over 40 band members aged 14 months and up.

    “The Doll can be constituted by mixing 3 parts experiment, 4 parts noise, 1 part ritual, and 2 parts theatre, with a pinch of space dust.” – Alt Music

    2. gobscure – depthcharred

    field recordings and environmental samplings – both natural & human-made – heavily reprocessed into electroacoustic composition

    gobscure biog : completed commission from radiophrenia 2016 – lonecrow make some hullabaloo blends poetry with sound loosely round recurring dream of intense relationship with survivor crow. a previous composition was švejk’s journeyings – responding to obscenities of world war one thru eyes of ‘the good soldier švejk’ premiered at the international artists anti-war exhibition b-side, casarsa della delizia, italy, 2016. other completed soundworks include those for carlisle arts festival; celf mid-wales; cesta czech republic; didsbury arts festival; dragonfly festival sweden; hipersonica brazil; humber mouth festival hull; loudspkr london; arts access australia; odins glow north york moors; new gallery walsall; ultrared

    3. Vincent Eoppolo – Internal Conflict

    I view my works as a synthesis of various sound art traditions including musique concrete, acousmatic music and radio art.

    In my work I strive to present brief moments of the world we are living in. Society in the continuing process of realizing itself. Our relationship with each other, with technology, our morality, spirituality, sexuality, our anxieties and fears. In many ways my works are like sociological and psychological commentaries. My work has been featured on Bernard Clarke’s program Nova on RTE’s Lyric FM, Phaune Radio from Montpellier, France as well as Radio Art International on CHOQ Radio in Montreal. My works were recently presented at the 2017 New York City Electro-Acoustic Music Festival.

    4. Martin Heslop and Helen Tookey – Beautiful Error

    Part of an ongoing collaboration between poet Helen Tookey and composer Martin Heslop. While the original texts use fragmentation to try to convey a particular experience – a sense of the language sliding, piling up, or of a mind going over and over a question – the fixed, written work can only create this effect to a limited extent. Here, the words are cut and spliced, repeated and layered to make the language move and track over itself, while the soundbeds pulse and shimmer, creating a texture of volatility and urgency.

    Helen Tookey is a poet based in Liverpool. Her debut collection Missel-Child (Carcanet, 2014) was shortlisted for the Seamus Heaney first collection prize. Her pamphlet In the Glasshouse was published by HappenStance Press in 2016, and the CD/booklet If You Put Out Your Hand, a collaboration with musician Sharron Kraus, was released by Wounded Wolf Press in 2016.

    Martin Heslop is a composer and writer based in Newcastle. He has written scores and lyrics for short and full-length theatre shows and film, and has worked on many collaborations with poets, playwrights and visual artists for live performances, recordings and installations.

    5. Paco Dvoi – It’s a Trial

    “It’s a Trial” addresses the condition of difficulty in being a person. It moves from “aging body, imperfections, limited perception” to the challenge of being fulfilled, “negativity nil, perfectly present, issues killed”. It refers to a struggle that underlies all levels of privilege and may therefore resonate with a wide range of people. While not offering a solution, the piece inspires reflection and functions as a poetic reminder that no one has it totally easy.

    Between 2001 and 2007, Paco Dvoi fronted Chilean rock band Toximetro, performing in dresses and ripped stockings while singing mainly in English. The band released an EP titled Euphoproctox: EP Infusion. In 2007, Paco returned to Toronto where he completed a B. Ed. and wrote songs on an acoustic guitar. In 2012, he released a solo album titled Shades of Dysphoria. In 2015, Paco released Morphogenesis, songs and spoken word featuring a variety of guest musicians. Paco Dvoi’s work is poetically-inspired and reflects light and darkness in its incisive portrayal of people and situations rooted in an imperfect world.

    6. Nastassja Simensky – rocks are for throwing

    Field recordings and performance recorded live in Durnford Quarry Bristol.
    Written, recorded and edited by Nastassja Simensky
    Composition for SATB Choir and Saxophone – William Frampton
    Soprano – Anna Harrison
    Alto – Sophie Proctor
    Tenor – Sam Knock
    Bass – David Cane
    Saxophone – Rob Corrin
    Voice actors – Chris Timms, Sophia Simensky and Chipo Kureya

    Nastassja Simensky is an artist working primarily with video, sound and writing. Her practice is research-based and concerned with landscapes where social, natural and technological territories have become part of an increasingly entangled ecology.

    7. Vincent Eoppolo – The View From The Balcony

    I view my works as a synthesis of various sound art traditions including musique concrete, acousmatic music and radio art.

    In my work I strive to present brief moments of the world we are living in. Society in the continuing process of realizing itself. Our relationship with each other, with technology, our morality, spirituality, sexuality, our anxieties and fears. In many ways my works are like sociological and psychological commentaries. My work has been featured on Bernard Clarke’s program Nova on RTE’s Lyric FM, Phaune Radio from Montpellier, France as well as Radio Art International on CHOQ Radio in Montreal. My works were recently presented at the 2017 New York City Electro-Acoustic Music Festival.

    8. Jaxton Su Jingxiang – Dreamscape: wedding crash

    Dreamscape is an exploration of how sounds in dreams can be translated aurally to form a narrative that could potentially aid in the understanding of the self. It aims to provide the audience with a sonic experience of the artist’s self-portrait as told by his dreams.

    Jaxton Su (b. 1988) is a Singaporean Visual Artist, based in Glasgow, UK. He enjoys experimenting with the use of colours in portraying peculiar narratives that delve into the notions of archetypes and the imaginary. Taking inspirations from the natural environment, Jaxton often creates bizarre dreamlike worlds with a whimsical composition of elements to bring across his ideas. Working with a variety of different mediums such as painting and installation, he hopes to create a visual utopia that could form a resonation with others and spark an imagination.


    9. S van der Linden – An Economy Of Narcissistic Reward

    Omigosh! I’m away with the fairies! I ruminate, let my dreams marinate, stare into space or to this low energy abstraction who’s always pushing his hair back during dinner. He is sooooo FUNNY! This totally whimsical and lovely someone gazes at me with this dreamy look in his eyes that smoothes all over and soothes deep aches and pains on its pathway into the body, easing tension at a deep level, helping relieve fatigue and greatly reviving low sympathetic levels. I concentrate on the reduced appearance


  • The People's Story Soundwalk - Lise Olsen

    18th November 2017 @ 9:00 am - 9:30 am

    programme/artist information

    The People’s Story Soundwalk’ is a journey through ‘The Making of Modern Dundee’ and ‘Dundee and the World’ exhibitions at the McManus Museum and Galleries in Dundee. The work was created and co-produced by different community groups, visitors and staff. The walk presents a journey in-between the virtual and the real. Connecting people’s stories to museum objects, presented as a sonic identifier of place. Introducing a sound narrative that uncovers the lived histories and stories from Dundee’s past in an exciting acoustic environment.

    Lise Olsen is responsive artist researching and collecting stories by embracing uncertainty, in-between a sphere of space and the sonic. Her latest work explores; the embodied experience of the in-between, interpreting sound as a sonic identifier of place and connecting stories to objects. Lise enjoys collaborating with others to co-producing work and her collected research and experiences can be viewed on ‘Dundee Donders’ by using this link.


  • Mary Farfisa's Outer Space Radio Theater: New Sound Stealer - Jim Cheff

    18th November 2017 @ 9:30 am - 10:00 am

    programme/artist information

    I have been writing and producing a weekly series of musical science fiction radio plays for children. They are broadcast on Radio Sunnyside, 101.5 FM, here in my hometown of Flagstaff Arizona. The show is called “Mary Farfisa’s Outer Space Radio Theater.”

    Mary Farfisa is an eight-year-old space-girl who travels the Galaxies on her space-horse, Briscoe. Mary goes from planet to planet, searching for “songs and sounds and music and noise” to share with the rest of the Universe. Mary catches the songs and sounds and music and noise in her “audio lasso.” Then she brings them to the Listener’s Library – an intergalactic collection of sounds, curated by music-loving super-beings called the Listeners. Mary’s adventures are exciting, funny and fun. But each episode also teaches something about a certain style of music, or deals with some aspect of learning music that kids can relate to. The show was created by me. I write, produce (and even act!) in every episode. Original music and sound effects are created for each episode. The art and posters that accompany each show are painted by me. The plays are performed by local actors and musicians, like Cara Alboucq, who plays the role of Mary Farfisa.

    All the shows can be listened to at

    And you can find out more about the show at


  • Penelope's Endless Book of Magic - Ralph Lewis

    18th November 2017 @ 10:00 am - 10:15 am

    programme/artist information

    Penelope’s Endless Book of Magic is an ongoing radio serial opera about the adventures of a young girl and her best friend using magic spells as they deal with the highs and lows of growing up. In episode 1 we find Penelope coping with being tricked out of getting a pet by her mother. Her mother interrupts her frustrated pleas and tells her to clean her room. As Penelope begins her chore, she discovers a spell book…and naturally sets to work to summon a pet of her very own, only with unexpected results….

    Ralph Lewis is a composer whose work seeks meeting points between sonorous music and arresting noise, alternative tunings and timbre, and the roles of performer and audience whose music has been presented at SEAMUS, Boston Microtonal Society, Soundscapes Symposium, Etchings Festival, Xenharmonic Praxis Summer Camp, New Music on the Point, Fresh Inc Festival, and the Festival for People and Thingamajigs and broadcast from Radiophrenia Glasgow, WGXC 90.7-FM, and WEFT 90.1-FM. He recently received University of Illinois’s Graduate Theodore Presser Music Award, which he is using to expand his Urbana-based inclusive music composition program into a statewide outreach program called All Score Illinois.


  • Kitty Jinks - K & C Radio - Side 2

    18th November 2017 @ 10:15 am - 11:00 am

    programme/artist information

    An anonymous submission of unknown provenance. An uncensored artefact of outsider radio. This programme documents the audio inventiveness of two hyperactive young girls across two sides of a C90 cassette tape. K & C radio explores the inner psyche of its two willing participants revealing obsessions with nuns, the Argos catalogue, Gremlins and poo, lots of poo. For the first time ever this radio show made solely for the entertainment of an audience of two will be heard across the airwaves and across time. K & C – if you’re listening, and I hope you are – I’d just like to let you know that – I need a poo!


  • The Buffer Zone with Project Ability

    18th November 2017 @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

    programme/artist information

    Project Ability is a Glasgow-based arts organisation that creates opportunities for people with disabilities and people with mental health issues, aged from 5 years to 80+, to express themselves. For Radiophrenia, participants have come together with the writers and artists Anthony Autumn and Joanna Peace, to engage with creative writing, noise making and sound recording workshops. Through voicing, technologies, and alternative forms of collaboration, participants have approached writing in new ways, conjuring stories and poems out of their everyday experiences, their pasts and speculative futures. They have transformed found material and objects into words and sounds that are lyrical and emotional, funny and fantastical. Their sound collage – described by one participant as “loud like a tropical jungle on a busy city street” – is titled GIRAFFE’S AYE.

    Featuring the writing, voices, sounds and noises of: Alan Straiton; Deva One; Jane Fisher; Jo Gray; Angela Divers; Esme Macleod; Morag Magilchrist; Alan Moore; and Stuart Low.

    Produced by Anthony Autumn and Joanna Peace.


  • Faux Départ 5 - Klaystarr

    18th November 2017 @ 12:00 pm - 12:30 pm

    programme/artist information

    Imagination dead imagine autoethnography-collage hat-tip catalyzed by sammy beckett’s faux départ 4 dredged up from no put together by no channelled through no done by no end to end of end of end of end of end of end of beginning again etc. couldn’t have got in, can’t get out etc. field recordings of recordings of recordings of recordings of listening to listening to listening. sat still, still as possible, still again, still sat still, again sat still again. starts again, ends again. reflexive impotence etc. and piano. also funny.

    Klaysstarr / Iain Findlay-Walsh is a sound artist and researcher who uses field recording and excessive self-reference to explore personal listening. His forthcoming record ‘w/hair ph n mus|x’ is due for release on Entr’acte in late 2017. His research has been presented across the UK, Europe and in the USA, and is due for publication in Organised Sound (2018). He is a lecturer in music at the University of Glasgow and currently curates the spatial audio event series, INTER-.

    Supported by Creative Scotland and Outset


  • Vile Plumage and The Burselm Community Radio Players - "The Sister"

    18th November 2017 @ 12:30 pm - 1:00 pm

    programme/artist information

    Vile Plumage’ is a collective consisting of Duke Burnett and Peter ‘Bunny’ Cropwell , with occasional input from the ‘Burselm Community Radio Players’.

    Our primary focus is the ‘reality oscillation’ – there are no straight lines or static points. Strange myths and urban banality exist at precisely the same co-ordinates. The crowd. You think you recognise those faces… but most of them are doppelgangers.

    We live in an area called The Burselm. Every Sunday we trudge around the streets, sometimes sheltering in Bingo Hall doorways. Always with the record button pushed firmly down. Sound is transferred directly, MAGICALLY to tape. We butter these recordings with paranormal research. Strictly local. Strictly.

    These sounds are bashed and boiled into radio shapes. Melodrama. Soap opera. Pulp.

    “The Sister” is a story of love and Ghost-trains. Revenge. Witchcraft. A measure of how rotten a soul can become.


  • Shorts 27

    18th November 2017 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

    programme/artist information

    1. Sabrina Rogers – Tentram: Composition 1
    2. Luke Pell – Some Words to Wander With: Robbie Synge, A Ramble
    3. Tian Miller – Singing in the rain
    4. Niall Morris & Rachel Woodside – 2 become 1
    5. Peter Rice (The Sound Collective) – aknightinmull
    6. Paul Hughes – Zones
    7. Patrick Shand – Absolution Request Form
    8. Rose Knapp – Weltanschauung Dasein Silence
    9. Lin Li – Virginia Woolf’s The Mark on the Wall (abridged)

    1. Sabrina Rogers – Tentram: Composition 1

    Tentram is a game, virtual reality environment, and adaptive composition. Presented here is an enveloping, tranquil sound world for virtual reality game space. The concept for Tentram is to create a calming environment using adaptive composition and visuals based on the design of a Japanese Zen garden. This project can be experienced in several ways – as a composition, a virtual reality game with user interaction in real time, and as an audiovisual experience. Tentram explores the possibilities of creating a soothing space in the medium of virtual reality, using sound design and music to help evoke a sense of calm.

    I am a sound designer and violinist, based in Edinburgh. I have recently finished studying for my masters degree in Sound Design at the Univerity of Edinburgh. I’ve been interested in audio for many years and studied Music Technology and Sonic Arts at Queens Univerity for my undergraduate degree. I am enthusiastic about adaptive audio-visual work, interactive systems, and virtual reality.

    soundcloud –

    2. Luke Pell – Some Words to Wander With: Robbie Synge, A Ramble

    Some Words to Wander With are a series of recordings as part of In the Ink Dark, a dance and a poem made from from memory and conversation. A project from Luke Pell and collaborators

    Created as part of the project invited voices – artists who make dances, whose works are both poetic and choreographic – offer a collection of musings that speak to words and to dances, bodies and buildings, science and nature, to thought and to feeling, to memory, materiality, landscape and loss.

    They are wisdoms for living, some words to wander with where you live, at work, at rest, at home, away.

    Fascinated by detail, nuances of time, texture, memory and landscape Luke Pell is a maker and curator who collaborates with other artists and organisations imagining alternative contexts for performance, participation and discourse that might reveal wisdoms for living. Noticing threads that weave between people and place his artistic projects take form as intimate encounters, poetic objects, installations and environments – choreographies – for physical and virtual spaces.

    3. Tian Miller – Singing in the rain

    The making of these recordings came to me when it was raining quite heavily in Norway in the summer of 2015. The weather forecast seems to be the main subject people talk about a lot. This therefore inspired me to make recordings where the use of water was the main element.

    Tian Miller is a Norwegian artist based in Norway. Her work includes printmaking, collage, drawing and textile based work where she mainly makes use of different types of handcrafted textiles collected from flea markets locally and abroad. More recently she has become involved in the use of sound as a medium.

    Niall Morris & Rachel Woodside – 2 become 1

    The love child of a Scottish-Northern Irish cross community project. Words never spoken pass from star-crossed lovers’ lips as a single voice, birthed from complex algorithms, navigating the waters of romance. A voice synthesis algorithm utilising machine learning techniques to ‘clone’ a human voice has been trained using two datasets: one from each of the artists. The aim of this process is to amalgamate our voices into one digital representation: attempting to make ‘2 Become 1’. This work uses the karaoke backing track for the Spice Girl’s 1996 single 2 Become 1 , and features the output of the aforementioned process performing vocals.

    Niall Morris (b. Glasgow, 1991) is a musician and software developer living and working in Glasgow. I make work concerned with radio, time experience, technology and performance.

    Rachel Woodside (b. Belfast, 1995) is an artist studying, working and living in Glasgow. My sculptural based practice uses form, colour and scale to tackle issues surrounding accessibility of work for both brains and bodies.

    5. Peter Rice (The Sound Collective) – aknightinmull

    aknightinmull – is an audio work made on a trip to the isle of mull to visit family. the text read is from rudolf steiner, the german creator of steiner schools

    thesoundcollective are led by sound designer and audio artist peter rice. peter primarly works in sound design for theatre and short film but also works as a solo audio artist creating works around travel, space and the everchanging constant landscape of our world. he grew up in yorkshire and now lives in london.

    6. Paul Hughes – Zones

    Zones is about where you see yourself.
    There are many different ‘Zones’.
    What ‘Zone’ do you see yourself in?

    I recorded a series of drills and i use this as the catalyst which drives the rhythm of the composition. I added bass, drones, electric guitar, synth, alto saxophone and vocals to give it’s unique metallic sound.

    7. Patrick Shand – Absolution Request Form

    An acousmatic piece.

    Patrick Shand is a musician and composer based in Glasgow who makes instrumental pieces, electronic music, pop and hip hop. He also performs as singer/songwriter, rapper and instrumentalist. Some of his work is abstract and surreal, some is deeply personal and concerned with dark thoughts and the struggle for purpose (especially as an artist), some is very direct and antagonistic.

    8. Rose Knapp – Weltanschauung Dasein Silence

    Conceptually two shorter philosophically inclined works, questioning whether syntheses of different worldviews are truly possible, such as Wittgensteinian Quietism and Utilitarianism, Heideggerian views on technology and traditional linear Progressive ones, or dualistic religions and monist ones.

    Rose Knapp is a poet and producer. She has EPs & LPs released on D.M.T. Records, Hylé Tapes, Always Human Tapes, Far East Sound, and others. She currently lives in Los Angeles. Her work can be found at

    9. Lin Li – Virginia Woolf’s The Mark on the Wall (abridged)

    In this series of audio work by Lin Li, abridged versions of short stories in the public domain are created by using the first sentences in all or some of the paragraphs of the original text. The disconnected sentences form a semi-coherent structure within which other sounds are weaved together to accentuate the enigmatic quality of the narrative, providing space for imagination.

    Originally from Hong Kong, Lin Li is now based in Scotland. She has been using sound and moving image in her creative practice since 2011.



  • Protest Ballad - Kristina Warren

    18th November 2017 @ 2:00 pm - 2:30 pm

    programme/artist information

    Protest Ballad performs resistance by saying no: to beautiful voice, to ugly voice, to
    developmental sound, to meandering sound. No tolerating noise, no rejecting noise,
    no apologizing for noise. Protest Ballad is lonely but bracing; it is bittersweet.

    Kristina Warren is an electroacoustic composer, improviser, and researcher based in
    Providence, Rhode Island [US]. Her work, which imagines diverse forms of noise and
    listening, has been programmed at events such as the Guthman Musical Instrument
    Competition and the Irish Sound Science and Technology Association conference,
    and performed by ensembles including JACK Quartet and Sō Percussion. A Visiting
    Assistant Professor of Electronic Music & Multimedia at Brown University, Warren
    holds a PhD in Composition & Computer Technologies from the University of


  • Turds of the Reformation presents: The Chaucer Years - live in the studio

    18th November 2017 @ 2:30 pm - 3:00 pm
    the studio

    programme/artist information

    Turds of the Reformation is a loosely-knit collective around Andrew Paine and Sybren Renema. We specialise in setting to music the scatological elements of renaissance literature. Our first project, Diet of Worms, was a post-punk ode to the insults of anabaptist preacher Thomas Muntzer. The second project, Noms des Oiseaux, was a Jane Birkin-inspired album of francophone moans, addressing the work of Francois Rabelais. For our third project, we would like to use a similar approach, this time to the works of Geoffrey Chaucer. The Chaucer Years will be a joyful mixture of GCSE English homework, farting nuns and the appropriate musical framework, featuring choirs, chants, litanies and all things chaucerian.

    It is our intention to use both pre-recorded material and live performance. An example of this might be a morphed text, played on loop, but accompanied by live instruments. Given the literary nature of the project, it will hover somewhere between radio play and musical performance. As the score develops, we are also looking at including more performers.


  • Radiaphiles: Radio Papesse

    18th November 2017 @ 3:00 pm - 3:45 pm

    programme/artist information

    Here we speak to Carola Haupt and Ilaria Gadenz of Radio Papesse in Florence in Italy.

    Mobile Radio offer an overview of independent and not-for-profit community, ‘free’, campus, and pirate stations who provide a wealth of material and perspectives outside of the mainstream media orthodoxy. This series constitutes a major retrospective of the work of the radio art network Radia, whose collective mission is to make radio that transcends the borders and boundaries of land and language. Mobile Radio visit each station in turn to discern their motives and inspirations, and explore the work of one of their associated artists. Produced with support from Goethe Institut.


  • Study for a landscape #2 - Julian Scordato

    18th November 2017 @ 3:45 pm - 4:00 pm

    programme/artist information

    This work proposes scenes of rural life by means of electroacoustic storytelling, in which the characters assume various forms: rivers, animals, humans, and machines. The story is set in the context of dynamic landscapes which blend themselves according to acoustic similarities. Such shifts are intended to establish a relation between natural and anthropized environments, in order to foster a possible dialogue when this appears to be difficult: the narrative development stresses the substantial production of non-functional sounds occurring especially in industrial work environments; consequently, a growing imbalance deeply affects the perception of space.

    Julian Scordato studied Composition and Electronic Music at the Conservatory of Venice. He completed a Master’s Degree in Sound Art at the University of Barcelona. Co-founding member of the Arazzi Laptop Ensemble, research assistant for the Sound and Music Processing Lab at the Conservatory of Padua, he currently works as a professor of Electronic Music at the Conservatory of Brescia. His electroacoustic and audiovisual works have been performed and exhibited in over 100 festivals and institutions.


  • Sometimes I lose my words - Rena Anakwe

    18th November 2017 @ 4:00 pm - 4:30 pm

    programme/artist information

    ‘Sometimes I lose my words’ is a sound collage created by Nigerian-Canadian-American sound artist Rena Anakwe (DJ Lady Lane.)

    The piece is a series of improvised, electronic soundscapes prefaced by a prose piece intertwined with subway sounds, titled ‘Daydream.’ Anakwe explores what a particular bout with depression would feel like on a sonic level, as an attempt to bring it outside of her mind and body as an act of empowerment. ‘Sometimes I lose my words’ was created through field recordings, spoken text and original compositions.

    Breathe and Hum
    Daydream (prose)
    Weighted Wombs
    Urban Alien
    Some type of goodbye

    Rena Anakwe, is an interdisciplinary artist and performer, based in Brooklyn, New York. She works primarily with sound, visuals and scent.


  • Total Solar Eclipse - Peggy Nelson

    18th November 2017 @ 4:30 pm - 5:00 pm

    programme/artist information

    This play for voices features deconstructed readings of 8 poems by 6 poets and 11 readers, framed by a field recording of the 2017 total solar eclipse from the top of Table Rock Mountain in Oregon. It was created for radio, and is meant to be heard over the airwaves, with a certain percent of noise introduced by the signal. The variation in reception as well as signal dropout and corruption plays with the gap between perception and reality, a theme which centrally concerns all the poems herein, as well as the experience of the eclipse itself.

    Peggy Nelson (otolythe) is a new media artist and writer who works in film, sound, and social media. Her work has been featured in Boston CyberArts, The Boston Globe’s Brainiac column, Ladyfest (LA), San Francisco’s ATA Gallery, Brooklyn’s Conflux Festival,, Shiraz Art House (Iran), The Dark Outside at the Wigtown Book Festival, and previously on Radiophrenia; and her articles have appeared in Berfrois, Craig Baldwin’s OtherZine, Nieman Storyboard at Harvard University, and HiLobrow, where she was previously Arts Editor. Her films have shown at SXSW, the Santa Cruz Film Festival, the Dallas Video Festival, and on TV.


  • o u r t i m e t o g e t h e r - Isabelle Stragliati

    18th November 2017 @ 5:00 pm - 5:30 pm

    programme/artist information

    an audio collage / a radio piece / a sound diary

    an impression / a perception of this very time
    July 2016

    “What is the chance to meet through experiences, events, etc. ? It seems that time
    is what will ensure that we can meet.” Gibus in Le Jardin, Radio Brume – Grenoble,

    with the voices of Claire Secco, Pascale Cholette, Claire Chevrier and Isabelle
    Stragliati, a choreography by Cloudnumber, field recordings by Isabelle Stragliati, a
    few vinyl troves, and excerpts from tapes archives and sound pieces (see attached
    list for references).

    Commissioned by Radio Campus Paris for Radia international network, this piece has been
    broadcast on the 26 radios of the network in August 2016.

    Coming from the visual arts, Isabelle Stragliati turned to the sound medium in 2002 through
    DJing, as an extension of her approach of the film editing (under the moniker Rescue). She
    then practiced numerous aspects of radio production (as radio host, producer, music
    programmer, technician and program director) before reconciling it with her creative work.
    Her productions, involving field recording, documentary, musique concrète or techno, have
    been broadcast on national and international radio networks (France Culture, Radia, Radio
    Campus France), in festivals and events in Europe (Longueur d’Ondes, Futura, Brouillage,
    Take You There in France, Radiophrenia in Scotland, Borealis Festival in Norway,
    CinemaInYourHead in Luxembourg) and in contemporary art centers (CNAC Grenoble, La
    Criée Rennes, Casino Luxembourg, Centre for Contemporary Arts Glasgow, VOG Fontaine).

    Isabelle Stragliati – o u r t i m e t o g e t h e r List of sources

    DJ Sprinkles – Sloppy 42nds (IS Orlando Tribute Version)
    Sloppy 42nds is A Tribute to the 42nd Street Transsexual Clubs Destroyed by Walt Disney’s Buyout of
    Times Square. On IS Orlando Tribute Version, Sloppy 42nds is stretched 12.0616 times.
    Ultra Red – Cruise Control
    Ultra-red defends the LA park gay cruising scene on their vinyl debut, ‘Ode to Johnny Rio’
    Le Jardin (Radio Brume, Grenoble, 1998) with the voices and works from Sophie Decoret, E.N.O.S.,
    Emmanuelle, Gibus
    Julian Beck – Je n’ai pas le droit de voyager sans passeport
    Gongs of Cambodia and Laos, recorded by Laurent Jeanneau – Kink Gong
    Suaves Figures – Nouveaux Gymnastes
    Augusto de Campos – Cidade City Cité
    Ultra-Red – Movement for Airports-Single Version
    Chang Fo Ji, recorded by Laurent Jeanneau – Kink Gong
    Square Dance – Jerome Tillié à L’Eurovision : Luxembourg 2001 Instrumix
    And extracts from the following texts:
    Voisins / Neigbors by Dorothy Allison
    Chez moi by Philippe Corbé
    Don Quichotte / Don Quixote by Kathy Acker
    Vision myope depuis la Baie des Anges by Charles Danzig
    Extra snippet from


  • Buffer Zone

    18th November 2017 @ 5:30 pm - 6:00 pm

    programme/artist information

    (1) Pheobe riley Law – Wakefire (10:47)

    wakefires are lit in certain parts of the North of England during midsummer solstice as a form of ritual. They take the form of small, often concealed bonfires onto which fresh animal bones are placed. Although their visual and ritual meaning is documented the sound created can’t, to my knowledge, be found in any archives. This piece features a recording of a wakefire that I constructed in 2017 in East Yorkshire.

    currently based in Newcastle and Hull, my work often explores the documentation and transformation of materials including sound, text, film and reformatted objects.
    I am interested in reframing and dismantling narrative, subverting perceived normalities alongside the construction of personal or social behaviours and the inherent patterns of experience.

    (2) OaPaO – Caravan (03:34)

    Caravan is an audio exploration into the construction and deconstruction, or failure of an uncertain domestic scene. Departing where OaPaO’s Cooper Gallery installation left off, there’s an ear to the tropes, affects and distancing found in the horror genre. It also continues to be an exploration of shared or fragmented authorship, a theme that runs through their collaborations.

    OaPaO is a collective of four artists working in Glasgow: Mark Briggs, Amelia Bywater, Sarah Forrest and Rebecca Wilcox. Their collaboration began in 2013 with the exhibition Phenotypic Plasticity(ReMap, Athens) a project that involved a number of exchanges between the artists where only parts of works were made visible to each other. What developed was a sprawling, fragmented narrative through video, writing and sound works, with a dispersal of authorship being investigated and played out. Following this they focussed on the genre and tropes of horror with an installation at the Cooper Gallery, Dundee (2017).

    (3) Niamh Forbes and Katherine Ka Yi Lui – My reticence does not mean I surrender. (03:30)

    Forbes and Liu present a new collaborative-recorded text, which is based on the intersections and contrasts between the artists’ writing practices. Forbes employs sculpture, text, and metapoetics to explore the ‘I’ in relation to another while Liu initiates an on-going investigation through her/their practice to navigate and contemplate the connotation(s) of the body and mind of colour.

    Niamh Forbes is a Glasgow based artist. Her work encompasses relational sculptures, texts, and publications. Her concerns involve relationship triangles between words, objects, and them consumers of them. Her research interests are in sentience and its relation to objecthood, classification of form, deconstruction, and close readings of poetry. Since 2014 she has had presentations in Project Arts Centre, Pallas Projects, Steambox Studios, and Basic Space, and House for an Art Lover and The Whisky Bond. Her writing has been published on Gurls Talk, Colony Magazine and Temps Des Vacances.

    Katherine Ka Yi Liu (b. 1989, Los Angeles) distinguishes herself as an Asian woman who stands robustly as a contemporary artist and activist. Liu grew up mostly in Hong Kong where she began her studies in the Fine Art department at the Hong Kong Arts School. Focusing on Fine Art Sculpture, Liu earned a BA (Hons) in 2013 at the University of Brighton, UK, and she obtained her Masters in Fine Art Practice at The Glasgow School of Art, UK. Since then, she has been actively engaging and exhibiting in Glasgow.


  • Faux Départ 5 - Klaystarr

    18th November 2017 @ 6:00 pm - 6:30 pm

    programme/artist information

    Imagination dead imagine autoethnography-collage hat-tip catalyzed by sammy beckett’s faux départ 4 dredged up from no put together by no channelled through no done by no end to end of end of end of end of end of end of beginning again etc. couldn’t have got in, can’t get out etc. field recordings of recordings of recordings of recordings of listening to listening to listening. sat still, still as possible, still again, still sat still, again sat still again. starts again, ends again. reflexive impotence etc. and piano. also funny.

    Klaysstarr / Iain Findlay-Walsh is a sound artist and researcher who uses field recording and excessive self-reference to explore personal listening. His forthcoming record ‘w/hair ph n mus|x’ is due for release on Entr’acte in late 2017. His research has been presented across the UK, Europe and in the USA, and is due for publication in Organised Sound (2018). He is a lecturer in music at the University of Glasgow and currently curates the spatial audio event series, INTER-.

    Supported by Creative Scotland and Outset


  • The Ongoing Drain of the Fight Between the Wild and Tame Pt.1 - Doog Cameron

    18th November 2017 @ 6:30 pm - 7:00 pm

    programme/artist information

    This work comprises field and forgotten recordings, small town/city centre conversations and sounds with audio effects, synths and acoustics. It tries to promote then reign back the constant battle experienced, to lesser or greater degrees, of the wild and tame sides of personality and behaviour. We experience brooding on madness with inner thoughts in and out of context of everyday living, or getting in a state where our outer actions and words lead us away from our ‘actual’ personalities, towards the Steppenwolfesque. Contrastingly we can be content in situations where we should be stressed, angry, sad or irritable – sound and music, whether audible to everyone or playing in our minds often play a part in this. Worth listening out for are roaring polar bears, wind up chickens, rusty curtain hooks, clicking reindeer heel cartilage, geese, starlings on a Summers night, diaries, bin store gadgies, drunks, art exhibitions, junior football, domestication as an unattainable myth, sobriety, child’s play, shop ambience and last chance yelps.

    No longer acceptable as entertainment student party and cheap deal booze nights got sacked for hard clubbing and sonic experimentation – only the good stuff from then on was pursued. The dawn of multitrack recording ensued with late night sessions of improvised intoxicated songs with Ryan Lambie as Johns Indie Disco. The JID years were a productive period, tracks of techno punk quality and some flashes of pure genius, but only 3 live gigs, meant the main means of promotion was handing out home burnt CDs in the street. The Ladywell Lout era then ensued, involving the circle of contributors from JID with semi-documentary based audio on gala days, gadgies, losers and high rises.

    Supported by Creative Scotland and Outset


  • Brunswick Light Ray Process - BEEF Bristol

    18th November 2017 @ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

    programme/artist information

    The Brunswick Light-Ray Process – sound into light, light into sound.

    Produced for Radiophrenia 2017 by BEEF

    ¬The Brunswick Light-Ray Process was an early electrical method of recording sound, developed in the 1920s by Brunswick Records.

    “A powerful beam of light is centered on a minute crystal mirror (weighing one two-hundredth part of a milligram) very much smaller than the head of a pin. This delicate mirror, which is held in place by a magnetic force is vibrated by sound waves and will respond to the slightest whisper. The mirror reflects the powerful light playing upon it, and as the sound waves vibrate, the mirror of reflected light dances to and fro. This dancing beam of light acts upon an electric magnetic wire, and a weak electrical impulse is set up. This electrical impulse is carried over wires to an amplifying unit, and thence to a cutting device which cuts the wax.” (Phonograph Monthly Review, Vol 1. 1926)

    This radio broadcast listens in on a group of artists from Bristol Experimental & Expanded Film (BEEF) exploring the old Brunswick Club via light and sound, stories and tap-dancing, sewing machine scores and the singing of signs, electromagnetic interference, geophones, tuning forks, ghosts in the skittle alleys, stars under the stairs and the Brunswick Light-Ray Process in many guises.

    Contributing BEEF Members:
    Melanie Clifford
    Matt Davies
    Sam Francis
    Howard Jacques
    Eliza Lomas
    Shirley Pegna


    Former Brunswick-clubber Susannah Ashley
    The Brunswick Improv Choir
    About BEEF:
    BEEF (Bristol Experimental & Expanded Film) is a film and sound collective supporting experimental practice in Bristol. BEEF provides an independent platform for artists’ production, distribution and critical engagement, often focusing on analogue practices. BEEF members are artists, curators, producers, organisers, writers, teachers and academics organising a regular programme of events, screenings, exhibitions, and film & sound workshops.

    About the Brunswick Club:
    Along with three other Bristol artist collectives, BEEF are temporarily occupying The Brunswick Club for a one-year period before it undergoes inevitable re-development. The Brunswick Club is a grade II-listed Georgian townhouse near Bristol city centre with a 130-year history as a working men’s club which closed its doors in May 2016 due to falling membership. The building has a large ballroom and lounge, two bars, basement skittle alleys which hosted local and national championships, cellars, a snooker room, a derelict “scary house” and ancillary accommodation presently occupied by BEEF artists-in-residence.

    BEEF are presenting a Brunswick Light-Ray Process event at the Brunswick Club on 23rd November 2017 – an evening of expanded cinema, radio art, performance and installation evolving from our on-going explorations.


  • Eggblood - Last Brain to Tranq-central

    18th November 2017 @ 8:00 pm - 8:20 pm

    programme/artist information

    This piece shifts between several movements that are described as track/point changes in regards to the underlying theme of trains/travel/mechanised thought and industrialisation of pharmaceuticals. This piece stems from a bigger and long standing project called “Studies for Depression” There have been several other audio pieces and video installations on this subject over the last 8 years since the inception of our wee creative nub thingy…
    The damping down of the cerebral “Heat Miser” through the tunnel of SSRI’s in the Loco Motion….


  • Wave Shift - Nichola Scrutton

    18th November 2017 @ 8:20 pm - 8:30 pm

    programme/artist information

    Nichola Scrutton

    Title: Wave Shift

    Wave Shift is an immersive, abstract, evocative soundscape composition. Source materials for the work include a selection of field recordings captured during the UZ Arts Sura Medura Artist Residency, Sri Lanka and vocal sound recordings. Both the main thread of sound that underpins the work, composed with a series of hydrophone recordings, and the form, which unfolds as a series of wave-like emergences, draw on myriad notions of water as a bridge between real and fictional landscapes. Wave Shift was originally composed for a collaborative installation with artist/printmaker Natasha Russell, and has now been recreated as a shorter standalone work.

    Nichola Scrutton is a freelance composer, sound artist and experimental vocalist. Her work spans a range of self-directed projects, interdisciplinary and participatory collaborations. Recent things include Video Jam, Colombo Biennale, UZ Sura Medura Artist-in-Residence, Radio 3 Exposure, In Transit with Zoe Strachan, film of a score with Wendy Kirkup, Wave Shift with Natasha Russell, and Building A Nation with Martin O’Connor. Nichola was awarded a PhD from University of Glasgow for her portfolio ‘Hearing Voices’.


  • Well here I am - Adam Kinsey

    18th November 2017 @ 8:30 pm - 9:00 pm

    programme/artist information

    A perpetual feeling that I’m going to need to justify myself. Like I am waiting for some inevitable confrontation. Well here I am, I imagine I’ll say.

‘Well here I am’ is a soundscape which explores response to emotional stimulation in the context of past experience. Trauma and anxiety are themes in the work, specifically in relation to our construction of memory and engagement with new events. ‘Well here I am’ is formed from a series of improvised electronic pieces which have been reconstructed in a single take to create a work for radio.

    Adam Kinsey is an artist working primarily with electronic and processed sound. His practice has a focus on improvisation. Whilst ideas may be developed and cultivated the final production is often a document of a single event. Editing is limited leaving the finished product riddled with all it’s inherent flaws and imperfections. Utilising compositional methods where elements interrelate in a variety of ways introduces complexity, unexpected results or induces patterns of familiar behaviour. Working with ideas of memory, lived experience and our emotional responses to stimulus his work often has an underlying fragility and fractured state.


  • Fancy Rats Episode 2 - Mariella

    18th November 2017 @ 9:00 pm - 9:30 pm

    programme/artist information

    The story centres around four pet rats of a 9 year old girl. Their previous life was spent in an experimental lab but they were saved by a kindly scientist who wanted to make them happier, but ultimately fails to do so. The show acts as a soundscape, with snippets of dialogue and music buried amongst sound that is driving the narrative. The first episode acts as a childish introduction to the leading characters, the second acts as more of an abstract soundtrack to the story.


  • Why did I write that? - Sita Pieraccini & Joey Simons

    18th November 2017 @ 9:30 pm - 10:10 pm

    programme/artist information

    Two flatmates discover a trove of old poems from their (not too distant) youth. They take turns to share the poems and the memories and feelings they evoke, both of the time of their composition and now, looking back, helped along by cigarettes and brandy. What was once a treasured secret, with the passage of time, can now be thrown out to the world without too much lost, apart from wounded pride…

    Sita Pieraccini is a Glasgow-based performer and theatre maker. Joey Simons is currently working on a play on the history of Easterhouse. They have lived together on the southside for the past year, along with some increasingly gallus mice.


  • Live at Lewisham Art House - Lapsus

    18th November 2017 @ 10:10 pm - 10:30 pm

    programme/artist information

    Slipping in sound and language to create live cinematic soundscapes of nonsense and noise. Lapsus is so soft at times, like a tongue in the shell, touching on the very beautiful, it lingers meditatively before moving into chaotic play. We talk to each other in languages we don’t really understand, channeling a multitude of absurd then dark sirens, mixing English, French, Swiss-German, in a stream flooded with dream images, mundane observations, overheard conversations, yelps and sighs.

    Playing across two electric guitars with Max/MSP patches, hacked toys, drums, broken tools and natural objects, we are mesmerized, fractured, swimming through Technicolor: clouds eyed the teeth.

    Our play is improvisational at the base in its loosening of narratives and layered multiplicity, with a delicate, kaleidoscopic, and at times dark, ambience.


  • Hamlet - Machine - Carbon Sink

    18th November 2017 @ 10:30 pm - 11:00 pm

    programme/artist information

    Performed in studio and stream broadcasted live for the 1st time at Audioblast Festival # 5. Our interpretation of Heiner Muller’s Hamlet-Machine is not a play stricto sensu, but a sound device with only one voice speaking.

    This path of theater – of cruelty – is a bias that also aims to destroy certain illusions, to put flat the beliefs. The stake is not in the search for communion through representation, but the exacerbation of the feeling of loneliness, leaving the spectator alone to allow him to question himself. As Spinoza said, “There is no hope without fear, no fear without hope.”

    Gaël Angelis : DIY Electricity Break Synth Enigma, digital processing, feld recordings
    Magali Sanheira : Wooden plate, microphones, motorized bow, efects
    Damien Schultz : Voice
    Mastered by Gaël Angelis

    Text from «Hamlet-Machine» by Heiner Müller

    Carbon Sink is an electro-acoustic duo, formed by Gaël Angelis and Magali Sanheira.
    It marks our common interest for both ampli fication and electromechanical “self-generative” systems that activate
    objects and materials by friction, percussion or vibration.
    Our aim, building an immersive musical environment, “concret” and organic story about Nature in peril.

    Performer, Damien Schultz writes his work in the field of sound poetry. His art? The words. He clamps them, repeats them, superimposes them, shouts them, and lives them. Absurd, epileptic but always musical.


  • The World of Vintage Sound Effects - Xentos Fray Bentoz

    18th November 2017 @ 11:00 pm - 19th November 2017 @ 12:00 am

    programme/artist information

    We age. Sound ages. But rarely at the same rate. Some sounds, such as the omnipresent BBC seagull, spring eternal. Others appear briefly in the crater of the unpalatable before shuffling off this audio coil. Perhaps the answer lies within language, the realm where time and the aural can coexist without contradiction. We speak of ‘time’s echoes’. People ‘phase’ out of time, in much the same way the quondam teenage guitarist seized on the capricious haze of the phaser pedal.

    The location is Los Angeles. A Chandleresque anti-hero approaches eventually apprised boundaries that polarise the era when sound and archive were poisoned by the limitations of bandwidth.